We should point out from the beginning that our Frenchies are not in kennels and available for viewing. All dogs coming into the Trust live with one of our foster carers in their homes. We should also like to point out that the average age of Frenchies coming into the Trust is around 3-7 years old and it is rare that we have puppies in our care. However Frenchies can and do live up to 13 or 14 years old so even the older dogs can give many years of love and devotion to the right home.

There are many reasons why Frenchies come into the Welfare Trust. Some come with medical or social problems (which we endeavour to put right), but it is often through no fault of their own. Many Frenchies come to us due to marriage break ups, changes in working practices or home life, the death of owners or a mixture of ignorance, and misunderstanding of the Breed’s needs. Whatever the reason we are only to happy to help as the welfare of Frenchies is our only priority.

Frenchies generally coming into the Trust will have a short stay with a foster carer, where they will be assessed and if need be checked out by our own vets. Once the dog has been assessed a home will be found that suits the dog’s particular requirements.

The Adoption Process

Our rescue dogs are neutered, have up to date vaccinations and are micro-chipped. We register all micro-chip details in dual ownership with the trust and yourselves.

Potential adopters will be made aware of any past/ongoing medical conditions of which we are aware at the time of adoption. Treatments / medications will be clearly described to applicants before the adoption process starts.

Prior to adoption all dogs are placed with approved fosterers for assessment. There are instances where this might not be possible but we will tell you if this is the case and the adoption process can be finessed accordingly.

Dogs available for adoption will be posted on the site. Once you have read the details of the frenchies up for adoption and the needs of the dog, please feel free to register your interest.

Dogs that are available for adoption will remain on the site until several suitable homes are selected, where upon we close the advert for adoption and no further applications will be accepted. We then short list potential adopters and carry out home checks. 

During Covid we are operating a remote home check service using photos and video ‘walkarounds’.

Once the home checks have been completed we will select the most appropriate forever home for the dog concerned.


Our Dogs


We'll update this section on a weekly basis so make sure you come back to see if your perfect dog is waiting for you. To apply for a dog in this section or to register your interest in fostering or adopting please click the link below to complete an adoption form: https://